Companies can be acquired. The purchase of individual shares is also possible. We advise you of ​​corporate M&A .

The opportunity for companies to grow can be realized through company acquisitions and takeovers. Fusion effects can be achieved through mergers. This enables companies to expand existing potential and open-up new business areas. The legal questions in the area of ​​M&A should be answered by a lawyer specializing in company law.

When buying a company, a distinction is made between the asset deal and the share deal. With the asset deal, each individual asset, such as land, machinery and goods, is transferred as a whole when the company is taken over. Existing contracts are not automatically transferred to the buying partner in an asset deal. Employment contracts are an exception. In simple cases, an asset deal can be made through a contract in accordance with civil law regulations. In a share deal, the shares in the company are transferred from the shareholder to the buyers. This is common for companies like the GmbH. This then continues with new companies. The company’s contracts with its business partners will then remain. A contract with which the company shares are transferred from a GmbH and other corporations must be certified by a notary.


Acquisition / M&A

Our law firm specializes in corporate law and advises you in advance of a company purchase on the appropriate type of purchase. We prepare the contracts and advise companies on both the buyer and seller side in the contract negotiations.

We cooperate in the financing of the purchase with external consultants in the finance and investment areas, so that an overall concept is available for your project.


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