Criminal proceeding in court

Criminal proceeding in court


We support you in court by providing:

An assessment and advice on the charge
Representation before the court
An application for suspension or acquittal

Unless there is a slightly more serious case of tax evasion, charges are brought before the court.

The Fines and Criminal Matters Office (Steuerfahndung) of the Tax Office leads the investigation into tax evasion. The public prosecutor takes the case to their office if the act is of particular importance or seriousness or if an arrest warrant has been issued. After the investigation is complete, charges may be brought unless a criminal warrant has been issued or the proceedings have been dropped. If the punishment is estimated to be less than four years, charges will be brought before the district court. If the punishment is over four years old, charges will be brought before the regional court.

After the main trial has been opened, the accused must appear before the court at every hearing. Of course, the defendant has also the right to appoint a lawyer to represent him in court proceedings. We stand by our clients in the trial before the court.

A lawyer who specializes in criminal tax law will file the necessary evidence with the court and seek the possibility of suspending the trial and requesting an acquittal.

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