International tax law

International tax law


We advise you on issues of international tax law:

Advice on tax liability in Germany
Tax support for your business premises in Germany
Avoidance of double taxation

Our law firm advises you on international issues and cross-border points of contact in tax law.

Our clients are companies from Germany which have contact points abroad, as well as foreign clients who have a focus of their business activities in Germany. This poses special tax-related challenges for companies. Even when taxpayers are working abroad but based in Germany, they may be subject to limited taxation. In contrast, companies or persons who have their place of business or residence abroad and do business in Germany may be taxable on their income in Germany. A lawyer and a specialist lawyer in tax law should clarify to what extent there is a tax liability in order not to be exposed to tax criminal proceedings before starting a cross-border activity. If there is already a tax crime, the possibility of a voluntary self-exemption should be considered.

International tax law answers the question as to which country and for which income has a right to tax. In addition, double taxation should also be avoided. There are numerous double taxation agreements between the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries. The double taxation treaties regulate the right to tax income taxes and also inheritance and gift taxes.

European tax law has emerged within the European Union. In addition to individual directives such as the common system of taxation applicable to mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and exchanges of shares concerning companies, the EC Parent/Subsidiary-Directive on avoiding double taxation, fundamental freedoms guaranteed by European law and the prohibition of discrimination are important principles.

Our law firm will advise you on international tax liability. We help you with questions about double taxation, about a permanent establishment in Germany and take over the tax advice of the subsidiaries in Germany as well as their establishment and M&A transactions.

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