Creation of employment contracts

The components that must be regulated in the employment contract result by law are:

  • The beginning of employment
  • Name of the employee and employer
  • The place of work (there can be more than one place of work)
  • A brief description of the activity
  • The amount and composition of the salary
  • The agreed working hours
  • The duration of the vacation
  • The deadlines for termination
  • A note if a collective agreement is to be applied
  • In the case of a fixed term: the duration of the employment relationship

Our law firm will help you create legally effective employment contracts. The employment relationship is a civil law contract between the employee and the employer.

 Violation of the law

What happens if there is no written employment contract or if the employment contract does not contain all the content required in the employment contract? If no written employment contract has been concluded between the employer and the employee and the employee nevertheless begins to work, the employer must provide the employee with a summary, within one month of the start of the work, which sets out the essential contractual terms in writing. If the law on evidence is violated, there are basically no civil or criminal sanctions. In the event of a lawsuit, the employee can make use of the evidence and can enforce his claims more easily.

The employment contract should therefore be drawn up by a lawyer, so that all mandatory legal content is recorded in a legally secure manner. On the other hand all conditions desired by the parties should be regulated. The employment contract should also consider the further development of the employment relationship. A change in the employment contract is only possible if both parties agree.

If you already have a draft employment contract, our firm can legally review the contract. Our law firm can offer you the creation of an employment contract at a fixed price.


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Our law firm can offer you the creation of an employment contract at a fixed price.


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