Objection to tax assessment

Our law firm supports you with:

  • Advice on the chances of success of an appeal
  • Legally secure and timely filing of the opposition
  • Application for suspension of tax execution

If you do not agree to a tax assessment from the tax office and would like to take action against the assessment, you must file an objection.

An appeal against a tax assessment is called the objection. It must be submitted to the tax office within one month of the announcement. If the deadline has not been met or the objection has not been lodged properly, it is no longer possible to subsequently change the tax assessment.

We will represent you to the tax office and file the objection in a legally compliant manner and on time. The majority of appeals filed by a lawyer are successful because the tax assessments are incorrect. If the tax office has not considered the advertising costs or operating expenses as requested, we will help you to assert your tax interests.

You are welcome to contact our law firm to have the tax assessment checked by a lawyer. After legal examination, we will advise you as to whether an appeal will be successful. It is also possible that the tax office changes the tax assessment to your disadvantage in the event of an objection. In order to avoid such a deterioration, which is also called reformatio in peus, legal consideration by a specialist lawyer for tax law is recommended. The taxpayer may be better off financially if he refuses to file an objection.

By filing an objection to tax assessments, payment of the tax is not deferred. The tax is generally payable immediately. The payment of the tax can only be postponed if an objection and a simultaneous application for suspension of execution have been lodged in due time.

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