Attorney for tax and commercial law

From providing support for the early days of a start-up to the regulation of succession in your company, we are here to support every step of your business. We advise you on the establishment and choice of your business’ legal form and on the preparation of the statutes of a GmbH or another type of company. Through our specialization in tax law, we provide classic tax advice services by developing individual tax and legal solutions.

Specialist lawyer in tax law approved by the bar association

Attorney in Berlin for tax and commercial law – Dominik Bildt

Choosing our law firm, which operates mainly in tax law and corporate law, brings the following benefits to your organization:

  • Intersections between tax law and corporate law enable services from a single source.
  • With a lawyer from our law firm who specializes in tax law, you benefit from our superior knowledge and experience.
  • By using Legal Tech, we are not fixed to any one place and we advise and represent nationwide.


Fee agreement

  • Individual solutions are possible.
  • Lawyer and client agree on a fee.
  • Minimize risk for the client.

Attorney remuneration

  • Remuneration stipulated by law
  • The law regulates binding fees
  • Difficult to understand Rregulation for clients

Fixed prices

  • Fixed prices for company foundation
  • Predictable and understandable prices
  • Comparability of fees

Tax advice

  • Remuneration stipulated by law
  • The law regulates binding fees
  • Standard cases are easy to deal with

Litigation funding

  • No risk for the client
  • Litigation financier receives a share of success
  • Lower profit for the client if successful

Performance-based remuneration

  • Performance-orientated share of risks
  • In case of success higher fees
  • Lower risk in case of failure

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